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Heirloom treasures are passed down from generation to generation. Each piece tells a colorful story, similar to your grandparents’ storytelling. These objects flesh your family’s history, like grandma’s engagement ring, or the bassinet that generations of your family’s babies slept in. There is no sale value that can be assigned to these things because they are priceless to you. If you are fortunate enough to have an antique rug in your family, you would certainly go to great lengths to clean and care for it so that when it passes on to your children it is 100% intact. This requires professional expertise and the most trusted company for that important responsibility is Green Choice Carpet Cleaning providing antique rug repair Long Island.

Possible Damages to Antique Rugs

Perhaps your relatives before you did not devote enough care to their antique rug. When it is given to you, there may be fraying edges, fringe missing, stains or holes. If they have languished in storage for long periods of time in an unprotected environment, they may have signs of moth damage or dry rot. Added to that, the materials that antique rugs are constructed with may vary. The experts at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island have years of experience and training in the repair of antique rugs. They know how precious these works of art are, and carefully analyze the materials and damage prior to initiating work. They will happily provide a free estimate in your home in Long Island and surrounding areas or a quote over the phone.

We Specialize in Professional Antique Rug Repair

If there are frayed edges, missing fringe, or damage to the selvage edge, this signals the beginning of failure to the actual “skeleton” of your antique rug. Correcting these problems is essential before that damage works it’s way into the body of the rug. Seasoned technicians repair pet chews, moth damage and simple wear and tear by hand. Proper refurbishing techniques insure the rug’s longevity and it’s actual monetary value. When a “hack” repair company performs cheap inappropriate repairs, when you (or your descendants) decide to sell or appraise the rug, it will be completely unacceptable. Cheap repairs are obvious to appraisers and curators, making them virtually worthless.

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The moment you purchase an antique rug, it immediately becomes an heirloom. You are aware that it must be returned to it’s original glory before it’s time to pass it on to your children. Depend on Green Choice Carpet Cleaning specializing in antique rug repair long island to help you start a family narrative with your antique rug that will span generations. Their reputation for quality care and customer service are a company heirloom they maintain daily. For the convenience of our clients’ we have a 20% off on all of our cleaning services and processes. We also offer the best pricing and free pick-up and delivery in the Long Island and surrounding areas!

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