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Most Chinese rugs are hand made and truly beautiful. These rugs can vary in design and color, but when hand made, it truly accents the rest of the room. Now, with such quality of rugs, you need to make sure it is probably cleaned and repaired, should any sort of damage occur to it. With the Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Chinese Rug Cleaning Long Island services, it is possible to restore the rug back to its like-new conditions.

Call Us For a Free Estimate

Before you have the rug cleaned at all, you can give Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island a call and schedule a free consultation. One of the professional staff members can stop by and look over the rug, inspect it and determine the best course of action. This way, you know what is needed to restore the rug and what it is likely going to cost. Beyond this, pickup and drop off of your rug is free as well. With the Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Chinese Rug Cleaning Long Island services, you never need to worry about how you are going to deliver the rug and pick it up.

We Have The Highest Quality Rug Cleaning Service

Now, there are some general cleaning services provided. At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, we have a dust machine that can remove just the general dirt, dust mites, skin flakes and anything else that becomes absorbed into the shag of the Chinese rug and is unable to be removed through the aid of a vacuum.

After the dust machine, there are other methods for removing stains. There are spot stain removers or complete soaks. These complete soaks can restore the entire look of the rug, which allows you to have a beautiful rug that reflects its pristine value. Beyond this, there are special drying procedures used in order to avoid the development of any sort of mold growth in the carpeting as well. We have the best high quality cleaning facility for Chinese rug cleaning Long Island.

Damages?! Don’t Worry, We Have a Custom Repair Service

Now, if your Chinese rug is damaged and not simply stained, our professionals in Long Island have a full rug repair workshop that can work on your rug. This way, you do not need to worry about it falling apart or trying to piece the rug back together yourself. It does not matter if it is simply some shag coming out of the rug or if some of the dye started to smear when you attempted to spot clean the rug yourself. Our team or professionals can restore the rug back to its original state. This way, you can proudly show off the rug, no matter how old it is or what the design is. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has a state of the art rug cleaning and repair Long Island service.

Call Us and Get 20% Off on All of Our Cleaning Processes

The next time you have any sort of need for your rug, make sure to give us a call at Green Choice Carpet of Long Island. We can assist you every step of the way in making sure you rug looks like-new. We also have 20% discount on all of our cleaning services and processes.

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