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There are a few types of mattresses and we can take care of all of them. Green Choice of Long Island is an expert of cleaning and sanitizing your mattresses as well as we have been pretty successful in removing stains and unpleasant odors. Cleaning your mattress twice a year is necessary, because dusty and dirty mattress may have negative impact on your and your family’s health. It is vital to clean not only the surface but both sides if possible as well as take care of the inside of the mattress. There are a few problems that may occur with mattresses, keep reading to find out what they are.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscope bugs that are feeding on dead skin cells shed by humans and pets. These bugs are usually harmless to most people and they shouldn’t be confused with bed bugs. Unfortunately dust mites are the main cause of asthma and allergies and nearly 10% of the Americans exhibit sensitivity to them. They are not parasites though, they don’t bite neither sting, what they do is create an allergen coming from their body. An average mattress may have 100, 000 to 10 million inside of itself depending on how old it is. Mites like moist and warm places and they could be found in upholstery and in the carpeting as well. What can you do? Vacuum clean your mattress regularly and use Green Choice’s professional cleaning twice a year.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs usually hide in your mattresses, spring box and wooden furniture and in cracks in the walls during daytime and come out at night and early morning to feed from you and your family! They have no wings and are brownish in color, they grow up to ¼ inch and they can live up to a year. Bed bugs could be found in crowded areas and unsanitary premises and dwellings but not necessarily since there have been found in good hotels and airlines which experienced the bed bug problem. They do not carry diseases but they can cause severe allergic reaction and in general the whole experience is very unpleasant. What helps against these parasites is heat, since they can be in your clothing, shoes, towels, bedding, clothing, toys, blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases we recommend washing all this with hot water. We can help you with taking care of the mattress and the spring box!


The soft surface of the mattress provides comfort at night but also absorbs liquids quickly and deeply. Urine stains are not uncommon and even if you took immediate actions to clean it an unpleasant smell will occur. Blood stains are also something that we are able to take care of. Body liquids are hard to remove and special attention needs to be paid to them in order to be removed. Other possibilities are food and drinks stain because of late night snacks or breakfast in bed. Whether your mattress has been through some rough times or fun times it needs regular cleaning so you can avoid allergic reactions and stay healthy. Green Choice of Long Island can take care of any of the already mentioned problems as well as just refresh your mattress. We can offer you expert care and prompt answers to all of your concerns. Our cleaning solutions are all green and save so you can fully enjoy the comfort of your mattress.

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