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There are different reasons why you may need rug repair or restoration, the main point is to recover the rug to its original outlook and condition. Whether there was water damage, your pet chewed on your carpet or someone had an accident on the rug Green Choice of Long can help you with all these issues. If you rug has its color faded for one or another reason we can offer you rug color restoration. We can fix the fringes on it or we can completely replace them if necessary. If a hole appeared due to moth damage for instance we have reweaving specialist who can make the hole disappear like it has never been there before. And last but not least we can replace the backing of your rug. More information about all these repairs we offer you can find below.

Color Restoration

Green Choice of Long Island has been in business for many years and for that time being we have received many rugs that had color issues. The colors on a certain rug may fade due to the sun light; there could be a bleach stain or other types of stains. Other problems that could destroy the colors are pet stains and discoloration or traffic areas.  Every rug has different needs and that is why there are different methods that could be used to restore the colors of your valuable rug. What stands for all rugs is after being picked up we will thoroughly wash them in our warehouse, after they are completely dry our specialists will dye your rug by hand, where we will use vegetable dye only, then clean the rug one more time to make sure there will be no color run, the color matches and your rug has been completely restored.  It could be a small area that needs color restoration or it could be the whole rug, whatever the case you can trust your local company in Long Island to take care of the problem.

Fringe Repair, Reweaving and Binding


On handmade rugs fringes are not only decoration, they actually could be considered the “skeleton” of the rug, because they go through the whole body and this is what keeps the rug together. Fringes could untie or get worn with time and if you want your rug to be in a top condition you may consider them repaired. We can add new fringes if a chunk is missing or we can replace them entirely which will happen by hand and we will make sure to match the color and the material so the rug looks on its best.


Reweaving is something not every company can do for you, because it is not only men power that it takes but it requires knowledge and determination and it could be considered art.  Our reweave specialists could fix the holes by first picking up the right yarns that match the ones on your area rugs and then by hand carefully restore the original condition of the area rug so there would be no difference. Depending on how big and how many holes are there on the process may take approximately two weeks so you can have the best result possible.


Binding is very common processes but you should choose the right company to do it because if not in the right hands more damage than good could be done. Green Choice of Long Island is an expert in repair and restoration and you can trust us completely. Tears and wears on the rug could disfigure it and binding repair is something that will put it back to shape.  We again will perform binding by hand and wouldn’t trust machines to be sure we will follow the shape and line of the rug and we will also make sure to secure the corners so the rug could keep its beauty longer and that it won’t need additional repair services in a near future.

Backing replacement

If you have a beautiful and valuable rug that has its backing falling apart and you want to save it we can do that for you. Backing could get damaged with time or damage could be caused by mold, mildew and water damage. Problematic backing doesn’t mean you have throw away your rug because it can be saved. Our specialists will choose the best backing for your rug and will carefully replace it so your rug has its charisma restored. You can trust Green Choice of Long Island with the cleaning and repair of your handmade oriental rugs. We will send a technician over who will assess the type and the condition of the area rug and will recommend the best cleaning and restoration process that will answer your needs and will be according to your budget. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time if you have questions and to schedule an appointment in order to get the most professional care for your rugs. Green Choice of Long Island is here for you!

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