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If you own a Pakistani rug, you should know how fortunate you are for owning one of the most popular premium pieces of cultural art, which is made out of colorful designs. The difference between a Pakistani rug and a western rug is the process of manufacturing that each rug goes through before being sold to a customer. Pakistani rugs are known for being handmade from start to finish and come in several bright colors.

The product of 3,000 hours of weaving wool, each Pakistani rug is made with a lot of detail to look as the premium rug that it is. There can be nothing worse than having a bunch of juice stains and coffee spills all over your rug. That would ruin the elegance of the entire rug and nobody wants a dirty rug. Our job is to make sure your Pakistani rug gets a professional detailed cleaning service that will re-new your rug from used to brand new.

Why Work With Us?

Cleaning your rug at home could be useful every now and then, but everyone knows that the only way to get rid of a stain is deep cleaning. Our company located in Lon Island has all the latest equipment in rug cleaning Long Island that can be used to clean your rug from top to bottom making it stain free and looking brand new.

The fact that we have been in the carpet cleaning Long Island business for a while has left us a lot of expertise and skills in the art of cleaning a rug. Our job is an art to us and we pride on every job handled with professional care. Our cleaning process is very delicate in order for us to ensure the cleanliness of your rug.

Not All Rugs Are Made The Same

Each rug is made in a different way which makes dealing with each one different than the other, and a Pakistani rug cleaning Long Island must be done in a manor that will clean the rug and keep dirt off it in the future. Our process involves inspecting the rug, dusting machines, cleaning machines, and a drying process. Our company offers free quotes to all our customers, and we are willing to send out someone directly to your home to diagnose your rug and offer their professional advice on how to proceed. We also provide free pick-up and delivery in long Island and surrounding areas.

Our cleaning machines are fully powered to clean every spec off your rug without adding a scratch or leaving a single mark on the rug. Our company uses that machine to give our customers the best service to their rugs. Pakistani rug cleaning Long Island especially need a dusting and cleaning machine which is why we have equipped all the state of the art utilities to clean rugs professionally.

Take Advantage of The 20% Discount on All Cleaning Services

Call us today and speak to one of our representatises. They are standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Our professionally trained technicians are ready to respond to any situation you may encounter. Give us a call today 1-800-984-4338 and find out more about our great pricing and specials. At the moment we have a special and provide a 20% discount on all of our cleaning processes.

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