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Do You Need Upholstery Cleaning in Long Island to Remove Dirt and Stains?

At Green Choice Carpet of Long Island we understand that keeping upholstery clean is a hassle. If you have any pets, then you probably have hair and odor on your furniture that needs to be removed. Food stains are also a common problem as far as upholstery is concerned. Our services for upholstery cleaning in Long Island are designed to bring the life back in your upholstery and chairs. Our powerful cleaning solutions will make your make your upholstery spotless and extend the life of your furniture.

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Our Cleaning Process.

When it comes to upholstery and furniture, surface cleaning by a vacuum is not sufficient. Vacuuming is great at removing dust from the surface of a couch, but it cannot reach inside the upholstery. Most of the allergens, dirt and mites are lurking beneath the surface of your upholstery. Our steam cleaning processes are specifically developed to go deep into the upholstery fibers and get rid of the dirt, allergens and mites. When we clean your upholstery, our steam cleaning machine will inject our Eco-friendly cleaning solutions into the fabric and cushions of your sofa. First we will pre-treat areas with stains or that need extra cleaning. Then we will use our steam extraction methods to give the upholstery a deep fabric clean. We will clean all areas of your couch, including the cushions, backs, and sides. We will even clean the inside the couch and inside crevices to remove any dropped food or soil. Our cleansers will loosen the dust and stains from the fabric and make for easy removal with our powerful vacuums. This method, combined with our green products, will guarantee you a refreshing renewal of your upholstery. If you want stain protection, we can as a fabric protectant to help you keep your sofa stain free. When you need upholstery cleaning in Long Island you need to call Green Choice Carpet of Long Island.

Our Pricing.

We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Long Island believe that our customers should not pay additional charges for green products and staying healthy. This is why our pricing is one of the most reasonable pricing for upholstery cleaning in Long Island and fits almost every budget. We provide competitive prices, certified green products and great results. Call us today for same day service! If you want more information about or low prices, call us and we can give you free quote and set up an appointment for our cleaning services.

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