Expert Carpet Cleaning in Long Island


Expert carpet cleaning in Long Island

Yes, Green Choice is an expert of area rug cleaning as well as mattress and furniture cleaning and we can definitely offer you the state-of-art results, but what is the basic of all this? It is wall-to-wall carpet cleaning! Which local company in Long Island can offer you shimmering results, green cleaning and professional and punctual technicians? Welcome to Green Choice services where we can come to you at the same day and in a few hours and take care of your carpets. You can trust us in case of emergency too, because we have the equipment, we act fast and our prices are reasonable.  Green Choice has been in business long enough to be able to take care of any situations as well as it is the employer of well trained and hardworking technicians.

Why to clean your carpets professionally?

The wall-to-wall carpeting is an investment; cleaned regularly you will prolong its life and will create better and clean environment for you and your family. We usually decide to clean our carpets when there are visible signs of dirt and stains on it but is actually best if we don’t get there. The things we don’t really see are actually these one that are harmful and imagine what is actually happening beneath the dirt you see. Carpets can host dust mites, pet dander and fur, dirt and dust and different bacteria that are polluting the house air and can cause allergies. Different spills and food stains can create an even more desirable condition for all this germs and the action is usually happening under the furniture, which means that the traffic areas are not the only problematic areas. Green Choice of Long Island suggests you clean your carpets professionally every 4-6 months so you can keep them in a good condition.  By doing this you will prevent permanent stains, you will create a healthy environment at your home and the air that you breathe will be fresher.

Cleaning Methods

There are different cleaning methods that could be applied on your carpet depending on its type and condition. Different carpet fibers require different cleaning; carpets could be synthetic, wool or mixed. Most likely but not necessarily you may have areas that will need additional treatment; these could be traffic areas, spills and different stains or areas with an unpleasant smell.  The different cleaning methods are steam cleaning, basic or deep shampoo cleaning that we could use on your carpets so you can have the best result possible. We can offer you scotch guard that will protect the fibers of your carpets as well as additional spot treatment if you have stains that are hard to remove. On top of this we will sanitize and deodorize it to make your carpets fresh. Not only that but Green Choice of Long Island uses eco-friendly and completely save cleaning solutions on an affordable price.

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